Malanka Festival in Chernivtsi, founded in 2011, tourism NGO “Palette of Bucovina.” The main idea of ​​the festival – presentation of Chernivtsi region as a land of colorful ethnically, the region where the tradition preserved folk festivals, including the tradition of Malanka. Because of the traditional Christmas celebrations rituals in Bukovina in the winter cycle highlights the tradition malankuvannya.
Malanka Festival in Chernivtsi – a unique event, which provides Ukrainian, Bessarabia, Hutsul, Romanian Malanka, traditions are preserved in Bukovina. In the festival as part of Malanka modernized groups, the so-called peryberiyeyu. The special significance of participation in the festival area malankuyuchyh teams that demonstrate a genuine Malanka, whose age is more than a hundred years.
During the festive, carnival participants of the festival the streets of Chernivtsi, viewers can see and feel coloring, riznobarvnist uniqueness teams. And exclusivity, originality and imagination of the participants of the Festival does not hold.
During the period mizhfestyvalnoho teams carefully preparing for the Festival of Malanka to impress not only the audience, but also to be appreciated by the jury. The experienced ethnographers, art historians, experts on cultural teams evaluate performance and choose the best among the best. The judges take into account the creative individuality, executive skill groups, music, integrity repertory performances.
Malanka Festival – an event that brought together members of the tourism efforts of the NGO “Palette of Bucovina”, Chernivtsi city council, regional administration, business area and, of course, the people who maintain and continue the tradition of our region.
Malanka celebration ritual was and is the factor that satisfy spiritual and aesthetic needs of people in their manifestated their beliefs, feelings, talents hospitality. So organizers care that the Malanka Festival took place in an atmosphere of tolerance, enlightenment and festivity.