Chernivtsi City Day is celebrated in the first Saturday of October.
Historical information about the city of Chernivtsi.
Defense in place Chernivtsi settlements on the left bank of the Prut, founded in the XII century. Galician prince Yaroslav Osmomysl. Fortress of trade and craft settlement called Chern, or Black City, probably because of the black wooden walls. The fortress was destroyed in 1259 at the request of the Tatar Burundai Temnik.
Because of the frequent floods on the low left bank of the Prut River, a new city was built on the high right bank. After the collapse of Galicia-Volyn principality in the middle of the XIV century. Chernivtsi moved to Hungary, Poland, while in 1359 they became part of the Moldavian principality.
The earliest written mention of Chernivtsi was the instrument of trade privileges that Moldavian master Alexander gave good merchants from Lviv on October 8, 1408.
The city is located at the crossroads of trade routes from northwestern Europe to the Balkans and to Turkey. In 1457, there were fair. At the time of Stephen the Great Chernivtsi city already: in 1476 already a famous Administrative Region – “Chernov state”; 1490 document directly referred Chernivtsi city – “like Chernovtseh place here.” In XV-XVI centuries. city ​​repeatedly destroyed and come to decline. Consequently, another Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774 Chernivtsi were again occupied by Russian troops, and came under the power of Austria. The revolution of 1848-1849 in the Austrian Empire has removed national restrictions has led to land and autonomy of the city and to the aggravation of the political rivalry between the Ukrainian and Romanian population of Bukovina. During the First World War Chernivtsi was three under Russian occupation.
In 1918-1940 the land was under Romanian authorities.
In 1940, in accordance with the Molotov-Ribbentroppa, Bukovina was divided into North, who departed to the USSR and South, which remained a part of Romania. Chernivtsi was occupied by the Red Army and became part of the USSR. In July 1941, the city was occupied by Romanian troops (who fought on the side of Germany) and administratively became part of Romania. In March 1944 Chernivtsi virtually without a fight were again occupied by the Soviet Army.
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In 2017 Chernivtsi City Day falls on October 7.