Descending down a little street M.Lomonosova we go out into the street where the building n “n” and “drunken” churches.

Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1820-1821rr, rebuilt during 1930-1936rr), which was called the “n”, ie Ukrainian as this on this street lived mostly Rusyns – Ukrainian who attended this church.

Founder of the Ukrainian church was Thaddeus Turkul, Bukovina lord of the revered ancient race. With thanks to Thaddeus Turkull temple in Chernivtsi for decades was named St. Thaddeus, the same name and the church called the Brotherhood, founded in 1834 – the first Ukrainian public organization in Bukovina.
At first the church had hostromodnyy follows: 1821, when it completed building in the world, pereshmatovanomu Napoleonic wars, reigned in Empire style architecture. In 30 years of XX century the church was rebuilt on the project of Dr. Vladimir Zalozetskiy. Even so, that we see today.

1961 church on the Soviet habit, turned on the composition of chemicals. Old murals did not survive such stress. Miraculously surviving iconostasis, which remained in Mykolaiv wooden church, returned to his seat in 1990, when the temple again returned to the Greek Catholic community.

A little further striking original “twisted” the dome of the new St. Nicholas Church, which was built in 1939. Architecture worship plays a Romanian national style neoromynesk. The prototype of the original solution twisted side domes of the temple was the architecture of the church in Curtea de Arges – the final resting place of Romanian kings.

In making the iconostasis, was a competition in which the artist Paul won Bucharest Moldova (painter) and sculptor Gregory Lovendal Dumitrescu, who performed work on wood.

pianaThirteen stained glass executed another inhabitant of Bucharest, the artist Kirovych and frames are built to chernivchanyn William Swiderski. Fences made chernivchanyn Alexander Mankovskyy by architect Virgil Ionescu.
From Transylvania brought to the church two bells, weighing 948 and 592 kilograms. “Voice communication” church for the first time gave themselves heard November 2, 1938 in the bell tower, which was built under the direction of Theodore Ohonovskoho. December 6, 1939 the cathedral was consecrated.
The people she called “Drunk church”, its “twisted” domes legendary.

From here we climb back on the street. Oh Kobylianska, at the end of which you can see two restored people’s home, Polish and German …