Some natural attractions look so fantastic that it begins to seem as if they are of a different, fantastic world. Rock array “Protyate stones” – one of those amazing natural places of the Ukrainian Carpathians, so to see them all guests seeking Bukovina.

Way to rock solid “Protyate stones” is another of spectacular natural attractions Bukovina Carpathians – Nimchich Pass, which offers great views of the surrounding area. They say that this perspective offers one of the most stunning landscapes of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Nimchich Pass – a place strikingly everyone who visited here, and remains in the memory forever as one of the most charming corners of our world.

Pass Nimchich popular with tourists year round, because its territory available international tourist and entertainment complex, where the guests expect exciting entertainment:



• campaigns with other tourists;
• rafting on a mountain river;
• bike rides;
• skiing and snowboarding;
• sledding.

Despite the well-developed infrastructure of rest, the atmosphere on the pass Nimchich is calm and pleasant. He yearns for a quiet relaxing holiday – he finds it, and who want recreation and fun – he will have every opportunity to organize this exciting entertainment.

From the restaurant on the pass Nimchich climb up the south primers. Right are rope hoists, and the road leading to the village of Choral – a small Hutsul priselke Pidzaharychanskoyi village council. Having climbed a small ridge above the pass, the road goes straight. We turn to the right along the path that leads past the chapel, skirting the west mountain cut. A few hundred meters begins beech forest, going anywhere is in the southern direction, will soon see the rock.


Skalnyy array “rocks Protyate” is a scattered hill ridge giant boulders up to 40 meters, filled with numerous holes, caves and passages. From a geological point of view it soft sandstone rock in which leaching through rain and winds blowing over the millennia formed caves and holes, but many people believe in interesting legend.

The most famous giant stone – a unique geological formation, called “Hawkeye”. So call this rock started because the shape is formed therein resembles the eye of one of the most beautiful birds. The maximum height of the rock group – 40 meters, the highest point of the rock hollowed hand indicator cardinal. On the north side “Falcon eye” is trohkamerna Cave, which are the two inputs, and two tunnels leading to exits from the cave, located on the east side rock right through the stone.

Coming to Protyatoho stones, tourists roam here a long time, trying to consider every giant, admire the hill spine scattered blocks of dark stone, monumental, fantastic, if hung in the air just above his head. Be sure to come to “Protyate stones” and pass Nimchich – seen here do not forget ever!