Not far from Chernivtsi, a distance of 48 km. located Zalischyky incredibly beautiful city that is washed by the river Dniester. Zalischyky – a small resort town lies in a picturesque valley on the left bank of the Dniester in the southwestern tail, as if on the peninsula. Dniester vytantsovuye around the district center in the south of Ternopil such curves that seem about to strangle a small town in its bosom. Zalischyky to embrace not resist, because thanks to a tall bank of the Dniester Podolsk city boasts a Mediterranean climate. The nature took care about the fate of the city, “thrown” him from the high cliffs Dniester idea of ​​the resort center.

The fact that the city peninsula was once known European resort even know, not all residents of the area. But this place was called at the beginning of the last century “Polish Riv’yeroyu” and was developed climatological resort, which went straight speed train with Warsaw. The banks of the Dniester were built villas and boarding houses. Neapol, Warshawa, Riviera, Grand – some names are worth! There were two large comfortable sandy beach “Sunny” and “shady”. igor-melika-dnister-22-26-08-2012-zalishchyky-98old

Beautiful beaches former Zalischyky resort were destroyed Dnistrovska great flood and during the Soviet period they somehow not restored … But at the same Soviet times regional center still remained quite famous climatological resort. In the former palace of the local nobility functioned all-union health resort value “Zalischyky” which annually rested health and corrected more than five thousand people, not only of Ukraine, but also from other former Soviet republics. Unfortunately holiday home “Zalischyky” could not stand the economic disasters nezalezhnosti.Hocha Ukrainian, according to the majority, for the tourism business here “Bonanza.” That’s just not appropriate infrastructure, and it is – a big problem. Yet there is hope that sooner or later return to the same Zalischyky their ancient glory and resort town Peninsula must become one with the most popular tourist destinations of Western Ukraine.P.S. 

  Panorama meander formed by bending the Dniester along with Zalischyky best observe and photograph of the Dniester cliffs on which the village rises Khreshchatyk Chernivtsi region. On the cliff you can climb steep pedestrian path that originates at the entrance to the bridge (at the end of the village. Zvenyachyn, near the cafe “Bucovina”). Alternatively, drive highway to the village center to the end of Khreshchatyk street Chornovil.