Chernivtsi Regional State Museum of Folk Architecture and Life was established in accordance with the resolution of the Government of Ukraine on 19 July 1977.

Museum of similar profile – one of the few in our country. There are they still in Kiev, Lvov, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, Uzhgorod, Ivano-Frankivsk (near Galich).

His first visitors of the museum took 5 July 1986. Today the museum in the two areas of outstanding exhibition – “Khotyn district” (Sokyryany, and part Novoselytsya Khotyn area) and “Western Dniester” (Zastavna part of China and Novoselytsya areas), an area of ​​9,379 hectares – played 33 typical old building Bukovina village early XIX – mid XX century (houses, barns, chicken coops, wells, barn, stables, cellar, Loznica, loft, mills, a smithy, a church with a bell tower, village councils). Most buildings are located in existing dwellings. Truthfully complement sights recreated interiors.


In the museum there are 7,964 items of fixed assets and 96 – scientific support. Among them – the folk costumes, fabrics, peasant tools and household items, furniture, kitchenware, household items and crafts, works of decorative art, print, photography and others.

Poloninska planned to build a stable, water mill, grazhda and other residential and commercial buildings, a church with a bell tower, chapel, school, Gath alloy woods and so on.

2004 built poluzemlyanki pole type XVIII century. Have updated the fence in the exhibition “West Dniester.” Transportation and carved gates installed in 1934 with the foot.

Museum held dozens of permanent and traveling exhibitions, among them – “Arts and crafts Bukovina”, “Traditional Bukovina clothes”, “Bukovina carpets”, “Bukovina woven belts”, “Bukovina embroidery”, “Beads in national dress”, “Leather Bukovinians products “,” Bukovina pottery and wooden utensils “,” Bukovina chest “,” Bukovina easter egg “,” Traditional musical instruments “,” iconic painting of Bukovina, “” Cult metal products “and others, which were presented treasures museum collections.
The museum is open:
– In the summer (from May 1 to November 1) – from 10.00 to 17.00 hrs .;
– In winter (from November 1 to May 1) – from 10.00 to 16.00 hours; Day off – Monday.