From the church we go up again on the street. Oh Kobylianska, at the end of which you can see two restored people’s home, Polish and German.

Polish, which is located on the right side of the street, was built in 1905. Among the features in the design of the building should note the work of the artist Kachar Botanskoho on the interior of the hall and the sculptor J. Markowski over high relief – Adam Mickiewicz. German People’s House is on the other side of the street was built about the same time (1908-1910) the project Sudeten Germans Gustav Fric. Elected Modern style identified as a German based folk architecture. The interior design, including murals, executed the famous muralist Alfred Offner. This building was once a restaurant and is a huge hall where often staged scores, which wanted to get representatives of all nations inhabiting Bukovina.

From the street lord (present street. O.Kobylianska) departs Cathedral Street, which leads us to the biggest worship Bukovina – Cathedral of the Holy Spirit …